Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Arlington Guitar Show

Jeff Rankin at the Arlington Guitar Show

My neighbor, Jeff Rankin, loves guitars. So, naturally, we came up with an idea to help each other out. He gets computer help from me, and I get guitar lessons from him. This arrangement has worked in my favor by a great deal, because he doesn't have very many computer problems. There is this one issue with network printing, that I haven't been over to set up yet, but that's another story.

This story is about Jeff. Not only is he a guitar enthusiast, he's a walking encyclopedia when it comes to vintage acoustic guitars. Naturally, he thought guitar shows would be a lot more enjoyable if he had his own booth with his own guitars for sell. This is his second show to exhibit at, and by far the biggest. In the first day, he sold 12 guitars. Pretty amazing, since he doesn't even have a store front.

He just knows guitars. He knows what to look for when shopping for guitars. He knows what to avoid. And most of all, he knows a good deal when he sees it. Some may say that his prices are too low, but if you knew the details of the deals, you would say that Jeff is charging a fair price for his products. His customers at the show all felt that they were walking away with a great deal.

Now here's what makes the story special. Jeff had his gallbladder removed just six days prior to the show. His love for guitars, drives him. He told me on the way out to the show, that the greatest thing about doing guitar shows, is that it doesn't feel like work. Here's some pictures from the show.

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