Thursday, July 13, 2006

Long time... No post

If anyone has been coming by to check for new pictures, I send them my apologies.

Here's a list of excuses (kind of like a top ten, but you can pick your favorite to use if you like):
  • My camera ran out of batteries, and I couldn't find a store that carried AA for the life of me.

  • Blinda took the camera on her girls weekend trip, and won't let me have it back until she figures out how to delete pictures from the memory card.

  • Brett put the camera in Macy's water dish

  • My web server is full

  • Brett has hit is terrible twos a full 10 months ahead of schedule

  • Tristan decided to use the camera in an experiment involving dinosaur excavation, and I haven't seen it since

  • I forgot my password on my computer

  • Blinda told me that SHE was going to update the website

  • I've had volleyball practices to go to every night for the past 6 months

... and the number one excuse for me not updating the website is

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