Thursday, January 17, 2013

The old blogger site is back

Over the last two years, I haven't blogged at all.  I used to be pretty active in blogging my family activities before there was Facebook and Google+.  I resisted moving to these platforms, but when people like my mom and aunt got a Facebook account, I realized I was being pretty stubborn by having my own blog that duplicated what I could be doing on Facebook.

I never really like using Facebook.  Not sure why.  I just didn't get into it.  Then Google+ came along, and I got into that right away.  

Today I learned that Google is adding integration points between Google+ and their old Blogger service.  I used to use Blogger several years ago, but it gave way to my own WordPress site sometime during 2006.  Then after a few years using WordPress, I just lost interest in keeping up with a blog all together.

Anyway.  Long story short.  I'm gonna use Blogger again for a while and see if it holds my interest.  

We'll see how it goes.

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