Thursday, October 12, 2017

Summer Vacation pictures from 2017

It seems that I'm always forgetting that I still have a domain name called, which leads me to forget to post things on the blog that is found when visiting that URL.  So, here's another super late update from a big event in our family.  The big event was our Summer trip to Washington DC.  I had never been to our nation's capital, and we were looking for a good vacation for the family that didn't involve a beach (We really wore out the beach vacation over the last decade).  So, we went, and really enjoyed ourselves.  We were there 7 full days, and used Air BnB for lodging.  We saw so much stuff!  I think the top three for me were: The White House tour,  The US Capital tour, and The National Gallery of Art.

Here's the link to all the pictures.


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